We are fair and offer security.

SEBN offers a secure place of employment with perspectives for the future. This is ensured not only by our affiliation with the Sumitomo Group with its approximately 320 companies worldwide in various branches and a history that goes back over 400 years. And the Japanese mentality is committed to thinking about tomorrow.


Those who start a career with us can also count on us.

For a company like SEBN, which employs more than 39,000 people worldwide, it is, of course, always a question of earning money – and with this, also safeguarding jobs. But quick money is not a priority for us. This is a result of our Japanese roots. Because the Japanese mentality is future-orientated: How can we organise our company on a long-term and sustainable basis, in the best way possible for both our employees and ourselves?

We are growing

When, for example, as a result of our growth, our company headquarters became too small, we did not simply rent new office space, but rather invested in the construction of a new company headquarters right next door. From the very beginning, it was our intention to demonstrate to our employees: As an employer, we offer security and stability.

An attitude, which also applies to the way we treat each other: “When I am ill and absent from work for a longer period of time, both my colleagues and my superiors show their consideration,” one employee says about us. “Everyone is treated fairly – and this is meant honestly. We are interested in each other here.” And we are also interested in the ideas and the knowledge of every individual – because our existence is based on our collective know-how.

And we live well. We participate in a collective labour agreement for the metal industry – but we also do many things beyond this, especially for our employees. “There are various supplementary benefits, such as a collectively agreed profit-sharing.”

Last but not least, it is also the size of our parent group which also conveys a sense of security. “We feel that we are in good hands here,” we often hear our employees saying.